Corporate Responsibility to protect the environment

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FastFit Case Study, Part 2

7. a) Assuming that Fastfit goes ahead with its plans to have an e-commerce site, identify two physical locations, from where customers can enter their orders to the ecommerce site and b) For each of the locations that you mentioned, identify the technologies (cover the areas of software, hardware and networks) that a customer would need (at the location) to accomplish this activity? (use a table)

Technologies for Home Location


Single user operating system software, for example, Intel CPU or
Mac Power CPU. This is the software that enables software applications to have control over processes running on a computer and use hardware resources. As the
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8. a) What technology components (cover the categories of software, hardware and networks) do we need at FastFit to interact with our customers on the web? (use a table) b) At what location within FastFit would you place these technology components and why? (use a table)

FastFit Case Study, Part 2

Technology Component
1. Existing

Location of Component
1. Fulfillment Center,

Applications and

Haverhill, Massachusetts:

Databases - These

This server and the

internal applications

associated databases provide

and databases

details to the various servers

acknowledge the

and eventually back to the

message sent from

customer. Therefore, these

the application

applications and databases

server and respond

need to be located where the

with desired results.

fulfillment and distribution

The application

center is located.

server receives the

Furthermore, these

response and

applications and databases

forwards the

may also need to be located

information to the

in company departments that

web server

process payments and sales,

2. Web Server
Software – The web

i.e. HQ.
2. Burlington,

server interprets the Massachusetts, FastFit HQ: customer request

This is the company’s

and provides

communication with the

authorization. After

web. It should be placed in

the application

Fast Fit HQ, where IT

server and


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