describe how physical and economic factors may have made bournemouth a crowded coast

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‘Describe how physical and economic factors may have made Bournemouth a crowded coast.’

Bournemouth is situated in Dorset in the south of England, boarding the world heritage site, the Jurassic coast. It is Dorset’s largest city and is growing rapidly. Founded in 1810 and in 1851 was just a small village of 695 people, and in 2001 its population was recorded at 163 600. The council are expecting around an 11% increase by 2011. Bournemouth is an example of rapid coastalisation.
I believe that the main reason why Bournemouth is an overcrowded coast is because of its physical factor; it’s on the coast, with a 7-mile long, sandy beach. This means potential for stunning beach views, which has been attracting a lot of retiring people who
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This housing is surrounding old Victorian buildings and there has been debate whether not it is suitable to build new housing, as it is unlikely that it will fit in with the current. The reason why so many sites are getting developed is due to the demand for more housing. These houses would not be being constructed if there wasn’t a need, and as they have estimated the population to keep on expanding this extra housing is a must. Bournemouth is an example of coastal squeeze. This is when the city is squeezed between urban areas on one side and rural on the other. But obviously new houses can’t keep being constructed on empty land, as before long its ‘green space’ with in the city and around will become significantly low.
Bournemouth also has its own highly rated university attracting a lot of applications and students each year. Of these students, the majority who qualify are skilled graduates with a high degree. Bournemouth university having a good reputation interests more people in going, meaning that there are more students interested In going each year adding to the overcrowding.
A huge economic reason why Bournemouth is becoming crowded is due to the service sector including banking, finance and tourism has grown hugely with a higher demand for employment, the biggest demand being for financial. It was recorded that in 2003 18,300 people were employed in the financial industry in Bournemouth.