Water: an Overlooked Essential Nutrient

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Water: An Overlooked Essential Nutrient | Presented by: Your Name | Today I am discussing the importance of water to encourage this office to provide water as the main beverage choice in this office. Water maintains body temperature, maintains blood volume, blood pressure and supports all cell functions. (Cherif, et al., 2010)Water is a valuable resource even in an office environment. You may not realize that an air-conditioned office is a very dry environment and will deplete your body of water. Working long hours can cause mild dehydration that will affect mental responses. The brain is 80% water. Loss of water will affect concentration and memory. Dehydration can cause headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration, …show more content…
Powerade offers the original drink and the Powerade Zero with no calories.
The flavors are;
Lemon Lime
Sour Melon
Fruit Punch
Mountain Berry Blast
White Cherry
Strawberry Lemonade
Water for a water cooler from Ice Mountain will cost $31.96 a month for five 5 gallon bottles of water.
Buying water bottles to stock a vending machine cost will vary according to how much you buy. One pallet has 1,728 bottles and will cost $779. This will be 45₵ each.
Gatorade bottles come in a case of 24 20 oz. bottles for $15.68. This is 78₵ a bottle. (www.samsclub.com)
Powerade comes in 24 20 oz. bottles of $12.48. This is 62₵ a bottle. (www.samsclub.com)
Advantages of consumption
Water hydrates your body without all the added sugars and salts that may contribute to high blood pressure and obesity. According to the Mayo Clinic, water protects the bodies’ organs and tissue; it helps prevent constipation and lubricates joints. Water helps flush waste from the kidneys and liver. It helps dissolve minerals and nutrients for the body to use and it carries the nutrients and oxygen to cells. ( Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER), 2011)
Water is essential to keep focused and on task at work. It is the best way to work at a law office that demands so much time and attention to details. Water


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