Change Management of Huawei

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Name: Wang Senlong (Bluce)
Lecture: Mr. Josef

The definition of change management

The consideration of change management

Introduction of HUA WEI
The history (problems) of HUA WEI
--Two “collective resignation” in Huawei history
--Performance-related pay
--Employee training and development
Three main steps during Huawei development
-- Self-optimization
-- The introduction copy
-- Innovation and development


The definition of change management Change management is the approach to transitioning individuals, groups, and organizations from the current state to the desired future state. It is an
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At that time, Huawei provide preferential support policies for the voluntary resignation employees. They give the Huawei equipments value of stock held by employees 70%, and in addition, they give the employee six months protection period. Means that if the employees failure within six months, they can back to Huawei re-organization their work. (sina news, 2007)

--Performance related pay Huawei emphasizes result oriented in performance management and strives to build up a self-motivated, self-improving mechanism. Through continuously setting goals, coaching, appraising and communicating, manager help employees to improve their performance and capability.
There is one thing happened challenge Huawei’s salary system. In 1994, two employees are divided to go to Shanghai and Wulumuqi for sale the equipments. The results were in Wulumuqi make a success sale, but in Shanghai only a few. If they give the bonus base on the current system, the seller in Wulumuqi can get more than 200000 RMB. But the seller in Shanghai only can get thousands. It is not fair, because, in Shanghai must face many times competition than Wulumuqi. This condition will attract the emotion of the seller’s. Huawei realized that the total amount sale only can be a part of the employee’s evaluation.
Based on that situstion, in 1995, Huawei hire the external company make the solution system, build up a very scientific evaluation system, and include:


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