Cigarette Advertising: Ethical Aspect

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Final Assignment in Public Relations and Advertising Course Cigarette Advertising: Ethical Aspect

December 2008 Thessaloniki, Greece
The aim of the final assignment is to analyze the issue of cigarette advertising from the ethical point of view. The evidence examined basically tells about the unsuccessful restrictions of cigarette advertising. Relevant theories are applied, such as Consequentialism and Elaboration Likelihood model to make a more explicit research of the topic. The analysis part combines theory, cases, author’s opinion and values and tries to provide an objective viewpoint from two perspectives: advertising and users/non-users of cigarettes, and advertising and producers/distributors and cigarettes.
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Producers use this approach in order to keep selling cigarettes to the public without creating too much worry about the possible effects. Regulation has, in one sense, decreased the information content of cigarette advertising as health issues are far from the focus (Bloom et al, 200: 421-25). It should also be noted that there is much discussion on banning and restriction of tobacco promotion, but little is done in terms of decreasing and limiting the product usage. However, when visiting the website of Philip Morris, a major cigarette producer, and one striking thing is the fact that they claim that their objective is to attract adult smokers, and prevent youngsters from using cigarettes as “children should not smoke” (, accessed 1.12.2008). Further, the company has adapted to the social pressures by making their marketing more transparent which is visible in their code of marketing. The main provisions are labelling of health warnings independently of whether a governmental requirement exists, avoiding to place ads in the reach of youngsters and children and lastly putting ads on the front and back


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