Quality Compliance Manager

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IHRM Case Study 1
1. Consider the three candidates in Exhibit A below. It forced to make a decision tomorrow, which candidate should Alistair choose for the job? What major factors should determinate his choice? Trianon is an Anglo-French avionics company, headquarter is in Marseille. Alistair was hire as Director of Personnel Development European Division, and he has to recruit a Quality Compliance Manager for the site in Hungary. In fact, decision was making for a ten-year joint venture with a Hungarian government-backed firm. The new manager needs to be available soon and has to be familiar with the joint venture’s objectives and targets. The way I see best to be able to choose between the given candidates for Alistair, is
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It must also be informed about the management habits. -The use of selection tests.

There are 4 strategies of international Staffing (Heenan &Perlmutter): Ethnocentric, Geocentric, Polycentric, and Geocentric. In our case with Trianon, it would be wiser to choose the ethnocentric staffing strategy. This strategy is fine for businesses that are at the beginning of their internationalization. We know that it’s Trianon’s first joint – venture with an Easter European company. Ethnocentric is a staffing policy that is used in companies that has primarily international strategic orientation. Headquarters generally adopts this policy by sending employees from the home or parent countries to the host country. This approach is used best in some situations such as, a team is sent from the home country to help setting up a new plant as well as train subsidiary personnel to use new system. The benefit of having staffs from home country abroad is that employees may gain experiences worldwide in order to become higher level in management of their headquarters because international managers require broad perspective and international exposure. In this recruitment strategy the key positions are occupied by PCN’s. PCN’s are going from the headquarters to the subsidiaries, in our case to the new firm. The reasons why we use PCN’s are quit clear. Several advantages result from employing


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