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1.0 Micro and Macro Analysis
Micro Analysis:
Micro Analysis is individual study of the factors affecting firms in a specific sector or industry. Micro factors include competition, suppliers, customers, labor and competition. The effect of changes in these factors on the individual decision makers, how their choices are coordinated by markets, and how prices and demand are determined in individual
Macro Analysis:
Macro Analysis is the study of the behavior of the individual firms or markets. through the analysis of major economic factors that show predictable patterns and trends, and of their influence on one another.
Introduction to Grameenphone
Grameenphone, widely known as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in
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* Lifestyle changes: Grameenphone has influenced a lot of life style changes throughout the last decade. They have introduced low rate calls, access to mobile internet, mobile cash transfer, online ticketing, etc. * Education: One of GP’s theme is, “Alo Ashbei” which means, “There will be light”. They have expanded their internet services throughout the rural community making online education a better possibility. * Rural Development: Grameenphone first started their services in the rural areas which enabled excess to telecommunication.

-Technological Analysis * Services to Government: Grameenphone especially provide the government with telecommunication services such as setting up of internal communication systems and internet services. * Industry Focus on Technology: They have the highest investment on technological advancement compared to other competitors. * Internet: EDGE, the mobile internet service was first introduced by Grameenphone resulting in increase of internet users all over the country. * VAS: They have the best Value Added Services (VAS) providing the consumers full control and flexibility over their product.

-Legal Analysis * Company Act: The company has been established solely based on the Companies Act of 1994 of Bangladesh * Consumer Rights: Grameenphone duly maintains the rights of its consumers by establishing fair prices and privacy according to the Consumer Rights Protection Act of 2009. *


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