Change Management Simulation

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Change management simulation

As CEO and founder of Spectrum Sunglass Company, I want to bring a change in the company that can make the company and its products more environmentally sustainable. To do that, I need to convince 20 managers at Spectrum to adopt my initiative in 96 weeks. And I used 85 weeks to reach that goal. Here’s what I did.

At the beginning, I want to let them be aware of this initiative as soon as possible, so my first 3 choices are to issue e-mail notice, walk the talk and hold town hall meetings,and I thought that would be a good way to start. But result is not good at all, no one seems to be affected, at that moment I noticed how difficult it is to bring a change into the company, no one wants to move from
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At week 36 I hold town hall meetings to communicate the change vision, and it made 3 people into the interest stage and 3 people into the trial stage. At week 38, I post progress reports and made 1 person into the trial stage. From week 39 to week 45, I choose to build a coalition of support and recognized an adopter, because I think it would bring the coalition members, the adopter and their friends into adoption stage, however, it affected no one, the reason is still unknown. At week 46, privately confronting resister still didn’t work. At Week 47, I told a “success” story again and made 1 person enter the adoption stage. At Week 48, I announced goals and deadlines to provide a target to aim for, but no one was affected, goals and deadlines may be to early to set. At week 52, I decided to walk the talk again, and got 2 people enter the trial stage and 4 people enter the adoption stage, the visible actions really worked. At week 55, I post progress reports to all, and made 2 people enter the trial stage. From week 56 to week 62, I conducted private interviews and pilot project but didn’t work. At week 63, I clarify organization values and made 1 person enter the trial stage and 8 people into the adoption stage, this is a big achieve, and I believe a change sticks when it melt into the company’s culture. At week 71, I tried to hold town hall meetings to make the last 4 people adopt but I failed. At week 73, I revise reward system to stimulate them and success at


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