Change Management Simulation

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There was a dilemma regarding sustainable economic development in my company, Spectrum Sunglass Company. Due to the request of “green” from Bigmart, which was the largest retail customer, my company should have decided whether its strategy plan needed to be adjusted. I was the Director of Product Innovation within the R&D unit, in addition to being a resolute advocate for reducing the company’s dependence on petrochemical raw materials. However, much resistance took place. I had 96 weeks to persuade my superiors and colleagues.
I accurately completed my task, but not in the ideal way. It took 96 weeks for me to persuade people, which was neither more nor less than the predicted deadline. This means that my work should have a lot of
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I learned something from the articles. First, there is a relationship between success and persistence. According to the article, success will foster persistence. In this case, if my plan success or the people consider I am right when they tried, my plan will be persist. However, this attribute would generate a conservative result. Many people would like to retain the proven competencies, since doing so is more efficient than developing another unknown scenario. (Audia, P., E. Locke, and K. Smith. 2000) I am interesting on that because I think this concept incurred a two side situation. The positive part means success strengthen the advantage, but the negative result is that the more the advantage, the more resistance to change. I find another useful concept in one of the articles. There are six steps to effective change. First, we should define the problem in the organization. Second, the managers should build some new roles that unite most of people toward a task-aligned vision. Third, managers should make sure that employees realize the new vision required, and foster this consensus. Fourth, members of all departments should interact with the change, but the change shouldn’t be pushed from superior. That why I always failed by getting supports from CEO. Fifth, managers should institutionalize revitalization. In sunglass case, my company should build new operation system to fit the new resource;


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