A Character Analysis of the Fifty Shades of Christian Grey

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A Character Analysis: The Fifty Shades of Christian Grey
Brittany Juarez
D. Standard

Character Analysis of Christian Grey
The Truth behind his Fifty Shades

E. L. James, author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, created an incredibly, emotionally torn character in Christian Grey. In this paper, I will discuss the truth behind his need for control, his guarded emotions, and his lack of self-worth. I will delve into his past and link his childhood demons to his personality as an adult. Also, I will show how he reverts back to adolescence in a way that would make Freud smirk, See I told you. It all comes back to sex in the end. I will discuss the myriad of social and
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Grey’s world begins and ends with her. His goal is to make sure that she is happy and loved. He struggles to understand these first time feelings of love, want, need, passion, and fear, after twenty plus years of living alone, secluded in his own person castle in the sky . Although his tactics aren’t always clearly that of a Lover, if we look past the surface of the action, we can see they stem from his deep emotional connection with Ana.
What are the main influences on Christian Grey’s personality?
Christian’s rocky start in early childhood and adolescence is the focal point for his shortcomings and success at the same time. Seemingly full of confidence and sophistication, Christian had a bad start in life. Born to a drug addict mother, who he refers to as 'the crack whore,' he was discovered, beaten, and cowed, next to her body. She overdosed, and her brutal boyfriend left her and her child alone in their squalid flat for four days before reporting her death. Grey was severely malnourished and had signs of horrific physical abuse when he was rescued. The physical abuse and neglect that he suffered the first four years of his life left him unable to endure the touch of anyone. His body bears the scars of the physical abuse. He realizes that his preference for sexual partners and sadism stems from his relationship, or lack thereof, with biological mother, Ella. Ella was a small framed, thin, and brown haired woman.


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