Cereal Marketing Plan

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By Christine Shao
Name and appropriateness of choice
OMG is a pet phrase among teenagers and also I want to deliver a message to costumers that the cereal has amazing taste. Our target customers are teenagers, so the word ‘ACTIVE’ is used to describe how the teenagers should be.
Summary of market position
OMG Active Cereal is a new breakfast cereal which is based on rice bran. Rice bran has a high nutrition value and is rich in anti- oxidants and beta-glucan, which naturally helps lower cholesterol re-absorption. It is made from 100% wholegrain rice imported from China DongBei where produces the top rice in the world. It is also high in fibre, iron and the B vitamins, B1, B2 and niacin. OMG
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Target Market
Our marketing department concluded that it is very similar to, if not exactly, the same market our other cereals have. We plan to target both males and females at the ages of 13 years to 19 years. These individuals will be in secondary school, high schools and university. Most people, who begin to gain more energy, do so by the time they’re in their adolescence. Our target market described is the one intended by most all nutritious and healthy breakfast cereals. In fact, the costumers who will buy them are always those mums. We must convince them that it is beneficial to their children and they can give more to their children at a similar price. As with the case of these cereals, OMG Active Cereal will target those Mum who are, above all, conscious about their children’s health, growth and development.
Marketing Goals
In the next 6 months, OMG active cereal can take 10% cereal market in WA and by the end of the product’s first year of distribution, we expect our projected sales of the cereal to be at least $10 million, have a gross margin of at least 50%, and exceed a net profit of $2.5 million. It is going to expend sales in whole Australia and overseas countries in the next two years. We aim to increase our awareness of our product in our target market and have a majority of costumers as repeat customers who return to purchase our OMG active cereal at least once a month.


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