Breeders Own Pet Food Case Analysis

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Breeder’s Own Pet Food Inc. Case Analysis
Class:Marketing Strategy
September 06, 2014

Breeder’s Own Pet Foods, Inc. Case Analysis
Case Recap
Breeder’s Own Pet Foods, Inc. proposes to adopt a market penetration strategy due to having identified a growth opportunity in the dog food market, for its nutritionally balanced, high quality dog food brand, Breeder’s Mix. This premium product has been sold traditionally, to the show dog kennel market, but company executives are now convinced it can be repackaged and offered as a frozen premium product, to picky pet owners via general retail distribution channels. Since the product is considered premium, it should fetch premium prices because of its ingredients and its claimed benefits to
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• Safe quality ingredients that are federally inspected and containing no preservatives. • Improved appearance of pets’ coats. | Opportunities: • First to market frozen dog food nationally • Opportunity to piggy back on the growing craze for organic products. • To educate consumers on the health benefits for their pets by offering them fresh high quality, coat improving meals. • First to market with a frozen premium quality dog food in frozen section of supermarkets. | Weaknesses: • Lack of customer appeal due to thawing and preparation requirements • Price: a premium product will demand a premium price. • Lack of brand recognition in the retail customer sphere. • Size of market. Only 10% of dog food buyers purchase frozen food. | Threats:• Increased cost due to having to deliver frozen inventory to supermarkets and cost of refrigeration of inventory in supermarkets. • Supermarkets giving up freezer space. • Competing against the five major brands that currently own 75% of the the market. • Appropriate product placement. Location in store will require re-education of customers. |

Evaluation of Alternatives
The alternatives facing the company are whether to invest half million or approximately three quarters of a million dollars drumming up product awareness in order to break into an untapped market. To make this call, Breeder’s Own must undertake two tasks. It must perform a thorough investigations of its market


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