Google's Bcg Matrix

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Google is the crucial contributor to make global village possible by interlinking every part of world together via internet. It is also excellent in diversifying risk by creating different businesses including search appliance, mobile search, cloud computing and internet advertising. This article is divided as two parts---first part is to analyze Google’s businesses by using BCG matrix. [1] Then, another part is useful recommendations on how Google can formulate corresponding strategies to capture and sustain competitive advantage in each business.
BCG matrix is commonly used to analyze business portfolio by comparing relative ratio of one’s market share to the largest competitor’s in the industry. Google’s search industry is cash cow
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Google’s clouding computing, a software platform, is another important division that gains lots of attention. It offers software pack including word-processor and spreadsheet that can be comparable to Microsoft Office pack. However, it is more attractive than Microsoft Office because it allows users to store files in database via internet without bringing heavy hard drives. From my personal experience, Google spreadsheet is really powerful. In one group meeting, we did not bring marker to write discussion points on whiteboard. Then, one groupmate suggested using spreadsheet that once everyone connected to a particular link, we could type whatever discussion points on that sheet and each of us could see the points others added. Hence, Google’s spreadsheet is very useful in brainstorming session. Unlike Google’s network value creation approach, Microsoft Office cannot be as convenient as spreadsheet because it uses traditional value creation approach that users should save files first in computer’s driver before sending out. Although web-based software applications are more advantageous than Microsoft Office, it is recommended for Google to launch offline software pack to attract Microsoft users. It allows users especially businessmen to continue their work tasks by using offline office pack in areas without internet service provided.
Another challenge Google faces is that host governments’ restriction especially in developing countries. For example,


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