Assess the importance of federal government in the advancement of African American civil right.

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Assess the importance of federal government in advancement of African American civil rights in the period 1865-1992.

Throughout this period, African American civil rights made a massive progress. Although for any progress to be made, federal government needed to implement new laws and legislations, but usually, government were not keen to act and in some cases actually made little impact on the civil rights movement. The African Americans themselves pushed the government to make changes through the leadership of the organisations set up, that led to the change in the civil rights that they eventually gained.
The presidents themselves never really showed any support towards the African American civil rights movement, because many had
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King, much like Washington, was focused on equal education and their right to vote. He had a charismatic personality that not only appealed to the African American community, but he also created a great impact on other minority groups in America, like the Jews, and even many white supporters of equal civil rights, because due to his peaceful demonstrations he was able to show the true brutalness of the police force and other whites who were opposed to the movement. It was people like King that caused the Presidents to take action on the issue as he brought it to their attention, just how out of control it all was and how desperately the situation needed to change. For example after Kings protests in Birmingham during 1963, which not only got attention from America, but also has been said to gain the most international attention as well. Not only do the leaders cause the government to change, but also the sheer organisations such as the NAACP cause people to rethink the legislations and laws in place. Mainly because of the sheer size of these organisations.
The government was also influenced by international affairs. Throughout the period, America found itself fighting in many battles against strong regimes, such as the second world war against Nazi Germany and the cold war against a communist Soviet Russia. America didn't agree with how these countries were being run and how minority groups were being treated. However this raised the moral question of how


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