The Rockmont Case

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Rockmont Precision Tooling

Rockmont Precision Tooling has proven to be very successful in the last few years due to its high productive capacity. Despite the fact they are a relatively small southern manufacturer of farm machinery, with 1,600 employees, they have been competing well in its domestic as well as the international markets.
Jack Early was recently hired to be one of the higher-level managers. Jack had completed his M.B.A at one of the more well-known universities, and applied his knowledge and training, that he gained in school, to his work at Rockmont. He made such a good impression in a relatively short period of time, that he received many commendations and an early salary adjustment.
Jack had been asked to assess
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Solution When meeting with Chester, Jack should ask Bud Daily as a neutral person, to sit in on the meeting. Having a neutral person present who is aware of the situation is essential when having an important meeting. Jack should also ask Bud to take notes of the meeting.
Jack Early was in a difficult situation; although he might have thought that he was right, pressing Chester too hard would have damaged their relatively new business relationship. He should also keep in mind that he is still new in the organization, and that Chester wants to make the decisions regarding merit for at least this year.
However, he should convince Chester that he has a better view on the performance of the six employees, since some of them have shown that they have improved their performance and progress. Therefore, Jack should have a great part in the merit pay decisions. He should take the extraneous factors into consideration, though, since it affects performance and quality of work of the employees. The six employees that were assessed by Jack Early, all have different levels of productivity, quality of work, and as a result, different salaries.
Delores Downs
Delores has improved her performance significantly, especially over the past six months, and she has proven to be a dedicated, hard-working employee. Since she is working on her M.B.A degree, despite the fact that she is unmarried and lacks