the black balloon

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.-The Black Balloon -1
Introduction. 1-
The film The Black Balloon was filmed in Australia and the UK and was produced by (Tristram MiallToni Collette) The story is about the members of a family, the parents and two teenage boys, as they cope with a unexpected challenge. Complications arise because one of the teen age boys, Charlie, is intellectually disabled. The family has relocated to a new area. Because the father has a new positing in the army. Thomas is turning 16.Thomas finds Charlie an embarrassment in public, so when Thomas is attracted to Jackie, a girl in his swim class, Charlie presents any number of obstacles when she drops by their house, The three of them go for a walk during a family birthday dinner. Can Thomas find a
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?Do you ever wish Charlie was normal 2.4
It is a question that has Thomas asks his father in a dream. The father says “he did wish Charlie were normal at the start, but he doesn't think about it much anymore” (The Black Balloon 2008). Such phrases speak to the Thomas family’s attempts to maintain cohesion. The most important pillar in this family is the mother, who works all the time and works to keep the family together.
. Thomas sharing his life with Charlie 2.5
Despite the pressures faced by Thomas because of Charlie, this does not completely hinder the relationship they share during the film. For example, the participation of Thomas Charlie's inconvenience in using the spoon in the backyard of the house, in the morning after the brawl that occurred between them in Thomas’ birthday. Another scene between them in the school puts Thomas with Charlie after Charlie's colleague leaves him to participate in a play. The final scene in the film shows the harmony between Thomas and Charlie in a bathroom setting. Besides projecting the wild behaviour of autistic Charlie, the movie successfully portrays the blooming relationship between Thomas and Charlie, and the film is filled with strains of innocence and tenderness.
.Influences of other Characters 3
The movie offers a nerve-wrenching insight into a modern household that deals with psychosocial issues like autism. Despite being pregnant, the boys’ mother Maggie


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