The Castle of Otranto & Northanger Abbey Comparison paper.

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Danny C. Dumoulin. Dumoulin 1.
Dr. Lynne Crockett.
Gothic Literature.
Nov. 11, 2013.
Comparison on both novels:
The Castle of Otranto & Northanger Abbey The Castle of Otranto was written in 1764, by Horace Walpole. This novel is a Gothic novel, and I will be writing an essay about this novel to show, and explain how Gothic it is. I will be picking a specific character to explain and compare to another book to show how both are Gothic, but in their own way. This essay will seek and unfold the differences of Manfred in Otranto, and General Tilney in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. When Northanger Abbey was written is
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If others knew how he is, they would see that he was a very false person. General Tilney has a very artificial appearance, so his true persona is not a good, kind of man. “Catherine notices these difficult personality traits when she is having breakfast with the Tilneys, before traveling with them to Northanger Abbey”. (Austen 20). He is phoney twords everyone and pretends to be sensitive, and accommodating to others. General Tilney is a

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manipulator and makes his own point of any situation to go his own way. He will trick you to do anything that he can to get his own way, and not think twice to get his point across. He tends to his own point of interest, or for his own gain, while pretending to refer to someone’s needs. He is a master manipulator at putting his own words into someones mouth. We see his verbal tactic at work in the scene in which, “Catherine Morland receives her invitation to Northanger Abbey. The general enters as Eleanor Tilney is on the verge of asking Catherine to visit Bath in Northanger”. (Austen 81). “General Tilney urges his daughter to bring up the subject without delay, and decides to extend the invitation in his own distinctive manner”. (Austen 94). This to me is a Gothic because they are getting ready to go to a place where there is a resort that's a Castle. In this Castle there’s a kind of old sense of mystery as we