Case Study: Mr Bean

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Case Study : Mr Bean

1) What are the roles and benefits of branding to sellers and buyers in the food and beverage business? Is branding only for big companies? Why or why not?

Branding is a basic decision in marketing products, this is whereby an organization uses a name, a phrase, design, symbols or combinations of these to identify its products and distinguish themselves form their competitors. The benefits of branding to sellers and buyers in the food and beverage business would be that buyers can identify with the brand and what the brand promises such as quality or affordability. In the case of Mr Bean, branding in the F & B business their brand slogan tells customers how they are “Bringing you life’s simple pleasures”. Sellers
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The brand mascot of Mr Bean is a happy positive and jumping bean, which seems to be leading and in this case it could be suggesting that the brand leads customers to “life’s simple pleasures” their brand identity. Thus we see that the Mr Bean brand focuses on enhancing emotional links with customers, from product packing to displays attention was paid to create a stronger and closer brand connection with its target audience. And this is seen in the case study. What I would add to further enhance the brand personality of Mr Bean would be focus on healthy eating and sustainability of the environment. This is because; increasingly these are issues, which are gaining greater recognition in Singapore, as citizens are more educated. Mr Bean could attempt to show this by partnering with environmental organizations to show sustainability and besides that show that their food is healthy and promote more customers to consume their products by showing a jumping and exercise cartoon ‘Bean’ for healthier product ranges.

3) How can brand loyalty be built? What is your evaluation of the steps undertaken by the company to build customer loyalty to the Mr Bean brand? What other recommendations would you propose to strengthen brand loyalty?

Brand loyalty can be built through creating a brand that has personality this is whereby a set of human characteristics relate to a brand name. In this case Mr Bean’s brand personality is that it is simple and has much pleasure as


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