Marketing Research Report

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Marketing Research Written Report

Middlesex University, Dubai
Abraham Mburu M00234305
Steele Hemmerich
Gautam Kukreja M00292269
Ramakrishnan Ganesh M00289152
Naqqash Alavi

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3 Summary of Objectives 3 Major findings 3 Conclusion and recommendations 3 Problem definition 4 Research Design 5 Qualitative Research 6 Quantitative Research 7 Questionaire Design 8 Data Analysis and Results 10 Limitations 31

Executive summary
Summary of Objectives
Our prime objective was predominantly to help define and build a leadership brand for Middlesex University. Research groups are an elemental form of scientific collaboration and knowledge production. Group members work
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Qualitative Research
The nature of qualitative research encompasses many varied methods that when applied in a flexible manner; can enable us to gain better insight and understanding of the problem at hand.

It basically remains a flexible and unstructured form of research and hence, does not follow any set pattern and the choice is left to the researcher as to how one prefers to go about it. For our problem at hand; * Weekly group discussions at seminars were conducted to firstly, understand how to define the marketing research problem, helped by various case studies. * Brainstorming sessions amongst group members and along with the class as a whole were conducted; to explore the different possibilities and facts that were present in the case. * A Focus group scenario was inducted into the classroom by the Professor who acted as the moderator, in order to produce a wider range of information and insight from the class. * Informal Interviews were conducted amongst students to further enrich our current knowledge regarding the research objectives.
For this particular undertaking, we chose to go with a street interview kind of survey method that took place in the Middlesex University campus. We chose to go with a personalized form of survey method primarily to make sure that we get the kind of response that we seek and a


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