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Legal Memo: Scenario #6
CRJ 550 Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Administration
Catherine Scott
Saint Leo University

The following memo describes the events that have taken place in Saint Leo Police Department as it relates to the Sheriff’s findings in Officer Narcissus office computer. It will contain a summary of the Sheriff’s and Officer Narcissus’ actions, as well as their reactions to the other’s stance. As the special assistant to the Sheriff, the author of this compilation will provide as much detail about the legal ramifications the Sheriff may face as it relates to this situation and conclude by providing some recommendations to resolve the situation at hand. The author will back up the recommendations with laws
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4. The issue of the computer containing items that carry legal ramifications.

5. The matter of Officer Narcissus attempting to disassemble the computer after being confronted by the Sheriff. 6. The question of whether the Sheriff is justified in having Officer Narcissus detained following the chaos.
Arguments Presented by Each Side As it relates to the contentions for each side, there may be valid points for both sides. However, in regards to the legal point of view, whoever has legality on their side will ultimately triumph over the other. Officer Narcissus can argue just what he stated to the Sheriff; she had no right to examine his computer. Nonetheless, the Sheriff can argue that she had every right to search his computer after receiving complaints about Officer Narcissus personal activities that was effective the public and his colleagues’ view of the department. As the first two issues presented seemed to be a matter of policy, it should be noted that this author deems it fitting to deduce that Officer Narcissus should not have been accessing the department computer for personal activity, providing that the activity in which he participated drew negative attention. Officer Narcissus’ actions caused the department to be frowned upon which prompted, not only complaints from fellow officers, but the