Case Study Analysis Paper

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LaTanya Perry
Case Study Analysis Paper
17 June 2013
University of Phoenix
Ryan Oba

Thesis: Lack of training and communication can cause employees to make simple, but crucial mistakes that jeopardize the success of the company and its current projects.
In this case study I am going to analyze what went wrong in a particular situation for one company. The new hire Carl Robins, seems as if he went in over his head maybe due to the fact that he is the newest recruiter. It looks like he may have tried to prove himself to his peers. It also seems as if Carl himself was not properly trained as to knowing, understanding and taking the proper steps when it comes to recruiting new hires. It seems as if the company
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Everyone plays their part in training from those on the battlefield, those back on station, and even down to those cooking in the kitchens. More specifically, I worked in the Group Control Center for my group. My job was to relay all critical information to 6 squadrons control centers during real world exercise scenarios. At the group level we conducted weekly briefings and inspections of all equipment to ensure readiness for any situation. For a while I thought what is the point of all this training and on the same thing, I thought it was redundant and I already had it under my belt. When we finally had an exercise all the training that I thought was redundant came back to me and helped me to relay the important and vital information. An exercise scenario is presented as if it was real world happening, and there was a ton of pressure. If I was not properly drilled and trained I might have cracked under the pressure such as Carl did in his situation.
Key Problems
In this case study, the key problems and issues are what seems to be a lack of training and communication on both the managers and employees part. Carl Robins the new hire been at his job six months, although he successfully recruited fifteen new recruits somewhere along the lines he lost what he thought he had under control. He later found that applications were incomplete and not finished. Applications are a basic and general part of applying to a job.


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