Barack Obama`S Speech Analysis

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The aim of this paper is to examine the strategies of President Barack Obama, and its ideological component, also why Barack Obama use exact words and how strong is the influence. The topic has been studied before by Juraj Horvath (2010),Jana Langrova(2010) and Junling Wang(2010).Therefore, the goal of the conducted research paper is to find out which of the political are used more often in the speech of Barack Obama, and what does it mean. The enabling objectives to get the research goal are the following:

1) To read and analyze the secondary sources on the research topic
2) To collect the empirical data
3) To implement the necessary research method
4) To create a table, showing the most frequent terms.

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Quantitative research is used generally in social sciences such as political science. Qualitative methods construct information just on the particular cases studied, and any more main conclusions are only hypotheses. Quantitative methods may be used to verify, which hypotheses are true. Advocates of quantitative methods dispute that only by use of such methods can the social sciences become truly scientific, also advocates of qualitative methods argue that quantitative methods tend to obscure the reality of the public phenomena under the study, because they abandon the non-measurable issues, which could be the most valuable. In this paper the author was used to gather quantitative data —to deal with information connected with numbers and anything that is measurable. Statistics, tables and graphs will be presented as the results of these methods in appendix. The following chapter will be devoted to giving the results.

Findings and Discussion

The world of linguistics has been affected he and stimulated by Barack Obama`s individuality. Many new words have been created. Obamania, is linking with the passion and obsession he has been accepted and favored by many. Barack Obama`s ideology and philosophy have been referred to as one of the most confusing and difficult ideologies to analyze. In the speech of Barack


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