Case Study 3

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Ashley Schenk
Liberty University
BUSI 642
3 June 2012

Case Study 3
Building Assets to Ensure That the Lowest-Level Employees Are Not Left Behind
According to the case study, managers are undoubtedly conscious of the convincing indication that authorizes that companies stand to increase when they distribute their profits with personnel. Furthermore, the article demonstrates how managers are mindful of the disagreement that to interest favorably experienced workers, companies must offer bonuses like higher salaries and stock options. This study detonates the misunderstanding that fiscal incentives function too inversely across the corporate scale to be exchangeable to low-level employees. Through widespread examination of asset
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54). Some conclusions advocate that the breakdown of any given enticement program is due less to a malfunction in that program than to the insufficiency of the emotional suppositions (Kohn, pg. 54). Nevertheless, once the rewards expire and are no longer available, employees degenerate to their old performances, creating a short-term incentive nature.
In order to motivate employees, organizations should construct a profit sharing strategy by assembling employee feedback concerning their philosophies to help make it prosper and benefit both the company and the individual (Contemporary issues in human resource management: Case Studies, 2011, pg. 74). Assuring all workers in the organization comprehend profit sharing is favorably encouraged for all companies, including smaller organizations. Yet, it is extremely rare for a small business to provide stock options to its lowest level employees (Contemporary issues in human resource management: Case Studies, 2011, pg. 84).
Well-established organizations are characterized as companies that are successful and have been established for a period of time. More than likely, successful incentive programs have been cultivated over a period of time at well-established companies and the companies completely recognize and


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