Research Design

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Describe some of the important research designs used in experimental hypothesis testing research study.

Research design is needed because it facilitates the smooth sailing of the various research operations, thereby making research as efficient as possible yielding maximal information with minimal expenditure of effort, time and money. Different research designs can be conveniently described if we categorize them as:(1) Research design in case of exploratory research studies;(2) Research design in case of descriptive and diagnostic research studies, and(3) Research design in case of hypothesis-testing research studies.

1. Research design in case of exploratory research studies

Exploratory research studies are also termed as
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Hence, it is often considered desirable to send a copy of the questions to be discussed to the respondents well in advance. This will also give an opportunity to the respondents for doing some advance thinking over the various issues involved so that, at the time of interview, they may be able to contribute effectively. Thus, an experience survey may enable the researcher to define the problem more concisely and help in the formulation of the research hypothesis. This survey may as well provide information about the practical possibilities for doing different types of research.
(c) Analysis of ‘insight-stimulating examples’ is also a fruitful method for suggesting hypothesis for research. It is particularly suitable in areas where there is little experience to serve as a guide. This method consists of the intensive study of selected instances of the phenomenon in which one is interested. For this purpose the existing records, if any, may be examined, the unstructured interviewing may take place or some other approach may be adopted. Attitude of the investigator, the intensity of the study and the ability of the researcher to draw together diverse information into a unified interpretation are the main features which makes this method an appropriate procedure for evoking insights.
2. Research design in case of descriptive and diagnostic research studies.
Descriptive research studies are those studies which are concerned with


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