Case Analysis

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Case Analysis #1: Boldflash

Group 3: Phillip Prince & Raven Summers

Management 372-902

February 24, 2014 Cross-functional teams are vital in many businesses, because it increases productivity, enhances communication between departments, and leads to overall success in a company. Boldflash is a company that has fallen behind on this front, and is thus struggling to keep up with its competitors. Roger Cahill, the new vice president of the Mobile Division, is faced with the challenge of finding a way to restructure the departments in his division in order to increase productivity and improve the product development process.

Cahill is a Scientist, not a Leader Due to the missed opportunity in the tablet market, Boldflash’s
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If the Mobile Division would implement a system that allows it to hone in on specific goals and criteria, then measuring overall performance of the company would become much easier and effective. Additionally, drawing up similar or identical metrics would allow the Mobile Division to discover if there are any bottlenecks that are slowing down the product development process, and to correct them accordingly. However, this will only work if each department is held liable for when any goals are missed, instead of “extending the finish line” so to speak, as the previous vice president Jim Harrison would do. Discussion Question 1 also asks about the current process, and how it contributes to the problems being experience by Boldflash. The current process of Mobile consists of hosting quarterly product development meetings that, in theory, would project new goals for each department and discuss any procedural issue that a department may have. In practice, however, the meetings are wholly ineffective due to the lack of discipline and focus, which results in many believing the meetings to be a waste of their time. The root of Mobile’s coordination issues stem from these meetings, as no effort is made by anyone into implementing a solid structure that would benefit all of the respective departments and benefit


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