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Case Analysis II: Utiliscan
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“Human resources (HR) issues commonly experienced by employers today include diversity, productivity, training, benefits and outsourcing. How each business deals with its specific human resources issues depends on the HR manager or director as well as company policy”(wiseGEEK, n.d.). Utiliscan is currently facing challenges similar to those of other companies. Some of their challenges include hiring, compensation, advancement opportunities, training, benefits, and retaining people. There is also a struggle with developing a program that would improve employee’s performance and level of engagement. To try to get a better handle on how to address the challenges, Utiliscan
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Promotion opportunities don’t always need to be a higher position in the company. Developing a plan for employees’ advancement through job rotation can help employees feel as if they are advancing without receiving full scale promotions. A job rotation program would be the first reasonable option to purpose to the CEO, CFO, and VP of Operations. The program would consist of about 10 employees, 2 from each department. The employees would rotate jobs throughout the company within a two year period. Job rotation would give the employees the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and experience in other areas. It would also give them a change of scenery, reducing the possibility of boredom. This would boost the morale and the increase retention. It would also increase the chances of receiving a raise. It would bring upon a stronger relationship between employee’s performance and their pay.
A severance package would be offered to those employees who are upper management position and are willing to resign or retire early. This method would create job opening and the opportunity for advancement. This alternative and offering a better benefit package to the active employees would be considered as the most expensive changes. “Once the


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