Argumentative Essay on Cursive Writing

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Taught more than thirty decades ago, cursive writing has a famed and legendary past. It was once a vital element of American education but is now becoming an archaic artefact as technology advancement and the requirement of more regulated tests push it out of the education system. Cursive writing should be scrapped out of the education system for there is no need of wasting time and resources to continue teaching a skill that won’t be beneficial to the students in the near future.

For many students in America, cursive writing is as foreign as the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egypt. In most colleges and universities, more students are increasingly using tablet computers
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Why continue teaching cursive with the onset of the keyboard.

Two second graders Justin and Corina of John F. Kennedy a school located in Ferndale are excited to learn about cursive writing. Asked on why they wanted to learn cursive, Corina pointed out that “she liked the letters because they looked fancy”. On the other hand Justin pointed out that “he thought learning to write cursive meant that he is smart”. At the beginning, learning cursive might be fun for kids but as they progress on they soon learn that they don’t need it. When the two second graders were questioned on whether they would prefer to spend their time learning computers or cursive, computers won their hearts hands down.

Principal Andrew Zapotoczny of Stober Elementary found it not necessary for cursive writing to be taught in his school since the subject did not prioritize in the curriculum when it was revised. He sees no need to teach it as there are more subjects that have priorities. He goes on to quote that “with the rate the world is changing and with all the skills needed by the people, it scales down to matters of priorities”. If a teacher has time to teach it then he is allowed to teach but so far he sees no importance curved from cursive writing.

Cursive writing just like calligraphy is becoming obsolete. It is slowly disappearing from the classrooms of many schools over the


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