The Promises and Perils of Nuclear Power

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SCI215 M4-Assignment 1: Discussion—The Promises and Perils of Nuclear Power
Nuclear power refers to the generation of electrical energy by controlled nuclear reactions. These reactions produce heat, which in turn creates steam that runs the generators to produce electricity. Approx. 1/8 of the electricity worldwide generated comes from nuclear energy. In this task, you will analyze the use of nuclear energy as a resource energy.

* Discuss the scientific and technical concepts related to the use of nuclear power as an energy resource. Address the following in your response:

* How is energy released in a nuclear reaction?

Energy is released in a nuclear reaction when there is a change of an unstable to a stable
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The cores of stars is violently active areas, with a constant nuclear fusion of hydrogen that takes place. This is a very small part of the energy made by these fusion reactions that all life on earth depends on to survive. If it can be truly mastered nuclear fusion, it will be, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most important technological breakthrough in human history. The abundance of hydrogen on earth can mean an almost inexhaustible source of energy, while ensuring that no radioactive waste safe removal of the final product, helium (,2013).

The disadvantages of nuclear energy include: the high cost of building nuclear power plants and the possibility of accidents, the storage and management of high-level radioactive waste is dangerous-the possibility of proliferation of nuclear materials and possible terrorist applications; Among the most urgent is the disposal of nuclear waste. Nuclear wastes can last for thousands of years before it is safe again, so this is a major barrier that must be overpowered before we can expand nuclear power. Nuclear energy is also very costly, given the amount of time it takes to build nuclear plants, will need other short term solutions (, 2008-2010).

* Identify a country whose electricity production infrastructure relies heavily on nuclear power.

It is quite possible to employ Nuclear Power to provide the vast majority of an entire country's need


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