Air Pollution Essay

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Air Pollution

Earth is the only place in the universe that can support human life. It is very important that we realize this fact and take very good care of it. Various human activities cause the destruction of earth. Human beings can live a few days without food and water however humans can last only a few seconds without oxygen. Various human activities lead to the aggravation of the quality of air. Gases produced by human activities mainly due to exploitation of resources and industrialization cause air pollution. Green house gases mainly chlorofluorocarbons; carbon
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Your car and power plants that burn coal, oil, and natural gas are the major producers. These pollutants can cause lung irritation and inhibit the body's ability to fight off diseases such as influenza and pneumonia. They also help to form ozone and particulate matter. Nitrogen dioxide is decomposed by sunlight into nitrogen monoxide and atomic oxygen, which in-turn combines immediately with oxygen to form ozone (03). The more sunlight available, the faster the reaction goes. Therefore, during summer in areas with high traffic, concentrations will increase.

Gases that cause air pollution

Effects on Human Health

“A study to be released by Toronto’s public health department says that air pollution kills roughly 1,000 people a year in Canada’s largest city and puts another 5,000 in hospital. Many of the deaths and illnesses result from pollution levels far below legislated targets, the study says, especially in the case of nitrogen dioxide(NO2), much of it from car exhaust. Nitrogen dioxide is blamed for nearly 40% of the deaths and many breathing-related hospital stays”. (Saunders).

Air Pollution Statistics in Toronto

Respiratory Cardiac


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