Kingdom and Culture

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Kingdoms and Cultures
Toni Romero
Grand Canyon University
Christian Worldview and Contextualization
HTH 655
Professor Robert Prescott-Ezickson
October 09, 2013

Kingdoms and Cultures
Oscillatory has exercised vast inspiration by what method we abstract the link among Christianity and philosophy. The situation has converted several societies’ circumstances to vision their culture of resistance to foremost characteristics of the common philosophies as rather of which to be humiliated, as well as rather that desires to remain rejected with the intention to convert traditionally liable. Niebuhr debates that Yoder’s forceful analysis of his book has not been offered the extensive revelation it justifies, particularly his reason that
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Christ above culture known as “Architectonic” sustains together Christ and culture though keeping them dissimilar (GCU, lecture). Christ is more than merely the conqueror of culture. He is sophisticated and superior to culture and worthy of a superior loyalty. Nevertheless, culture also stresses a Christian’s involvement. As inhabitants of two kingdoms, Christians can survive with a pure morality in both creations, even as Jesus, the God-man, did (Atkinson, 1995).
Christ and Culture in Paradox known as “Oscillatory” theologians for example like the apostle Paul has apprehended Christ and culture in paradox (GCU, lecture). This perception is centered on a dichotomy that consents the power of both Christ and culture. Christians consequently exist in uncomfortable pressure, taxing to encounter the requests both powers and desiring for an ultimate trans-historical salvation that will resolve the tension (Atkinson, 1995).
Christ can be beheld as the Transformer of Culture known as “Conversionist” notwithstanding the fallen-ness of mortal culture, pledge to Christ permits an individual to convert culture into a godly interest (GCU, lecture). For that reason that Christ transforms individuals and gathering foundations, Christians can carry on the work of God through their conventional cultural practices (Atkinson,


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