Camp Harmony

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Japanese Internment
Posted by: Krenk, Laura
Grade Level: All
1. Internment Camps
2. Racial discrimination
3. World War II
The student will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the key terms as outlined in the text
2. Analyze why Japanese-Americans were sent to Internment Camps
3. Speculate why German-Americans and Italian-Americans were not sent to Internment Camps
4. Visualize what an Internment Camp looks like
5. Relate to students of the same age by interpreting the emotions expressed by seventh graders sent to Japanese Internment Camps
Intro Set:
In their notebooks, have students answer the following scenario:
“The government says that you and your family need to
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Maybe it is better for use to go and do what the government says. I hope there is a school where I can continue with my studies.
As you know Seattle is my hometown so I am sorry to leave here. I hope this war will soon be over because then I could come back and attend the dear old Washington School.


Camp “C”, Block 2
43rd Quarter
Puyallup, Washington
May 10, 1942

Dear Miss Evanson and pupils,
After 2 days of packing and fixing our new home in Puyallup I wish to say “hello” in a short way. Now to begin with our room, we have one room shared among 7 people and the walls are full of holes and cracks in which cold and chilly air struck us in a funny way that I could not sleep at all last night. We had too little to eat so after reaching our room I ate a sandwich and some crackers. Our beds are from the U.S. Army and our mattress is a cloth bag filled with hay.
Now is a nice place to end my letter so “good bye” until next time from your Seattle evacuee.


B-2-48 Camp Harmony
Puyallup, Washington
May 10, 1942

Dear Miss Evanson,
How are you? I am fine, but I had my typhoid shot and now I have a headache and my arm aches.
I arrived in Puyallup Friday. We passed Kent, Auburn, Sumner, and then to our camp. I guess you’re wondering why we came here so late. Well, we were delayed because we had to go to the clinic.
We have to make our own chairs, tables, and the mattress for the bed with hay


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