Qcf Lvl 2 Confidentiality

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Activity 10.

Part A. Explain the term Confidentility:
Confidentiality is a right a person has in which to keep information about themselves private without anyone else being able to access it unless given permission or consent by an authorised person. A person's information should only be disclosed on a need to know basis i.e official bodies or next of kin unless specified otherwise. Information may also be disclosed if the information that is being held outweighs the risk to the person's health.

Part B. Give a brief explanation of how you confidentially:
Communicate with individuals: If you were to communicate with individuals where confidentiality is involved you would only speak about what the individual is comfortable with. You
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Explain why it is important to:
Ensure the confidentiality and security of records and reports, including what you would do if you had concerns regarding the security of them: Its is important to ensure that residents records and reports are kept as secure as possible as their records hold alot of personal information about them that the resident may wish not to share with people other that carers or any other authorised person. If I had any problems concerning the security of any residents personal information whatsoever I would report to my manager immediately.
Complete records accurately and in ways that can be understood: It is important that records are recorded accurately as other authorised persons may need to obtain information and read it so it needs to be legible and accurate. A resident's record may need to be used in legal circumstances so no slang, abbreviations or jargon should be used when recording information in a care profile. Clear concise legible handwriting should be used written in black ink.
Gain permission to access records, including from whom you gain this permission: It is important that people wanting to view residents personal details gain access as when a resident or their family provided this information it was recorded as confidential. There will be personal details that the resident may not want anyone to know so only certain persons that gain permission can view them, only after they have declared that it is under the data protection act