Business Research Ethics

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Business Research Ethics

The goal of corporations when incorporating a logo is to be memorable to the consumer and investor. Companies like Nike, Harley-Davidson, and Apple have an instant appeal to the public with their corporate symbolism. The emblem for Chevron with the blue and red “v- shaped” stripes in a militaristic badge pattern is recognized worldwide as one of the most famous of the six “supermajor” oil companies. These six, powerful corporations are sometimes referred to as “big oil” in the New York Stock Exchange and are known for their influence in the political arena. Chevron’s roots trace back to Northern California in 1879 and the company endured several name changes because of successful mergers, including Pacific
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When Chevron purchases Texaco they should have completed a very crucial business research, especially on environmental concerns. At this point of time Chevron denies any fault of causing damage to the local community and environment thinking it is Texaco’s fault because incidents occurred while company not under Chevron possession. If Chevron had crossed their T’s and dots there, I’s Chevron would not put their selves in this situation. The company now is involved in legal battles defending themselves with that excuse when they could have avoided those problems. The purchase was made and Texaco and all its problems belong to Chevron, and they must own the situation and start providing aid and resolution instead of being forced to do so. Judge Adrian Elcui Miranda had to freeze 100 % of Chevron’s capital, dividends in Argentina. Also 40 % of bank accounts and refineries this judgment by the 30,000 plaintiffs looks at it as a victory as they continue to gain the 19 billion in damages when they were found guilty. Comptroller DiNapoli, who oversees the New York State Common Retirement Fund, owns more than own more than $800 million of Chevron stock, and apparently breached his ethical and fiduciary duties. The surviving protestors wanted to get Chevron for the hiring of Nigerian Army whose actions killed two unarm civilian protestors and injured others. May 1998 a federal jury in San Francisco found Chevron not guilty and cleared of the


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