Business Case Study - Cctv

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Case Study

Extreme CCTV

(all details discussed in this case study have been taken from the Extreme CCTV case study as presented in Cases of entrepreneurship: the venture creation process (Morse & Mitchell, 2005))

Student Name: Katrina Binotto Student Number: S3172726

Course: BUSM 2367 – Business Enterprise One

1. If you were Jack Gin, what would you do: acquire Derwent Systems, based in Newcastle, UK, to extend its reach into Europe, or focus on the IPO?

When assessing if Jack Gin should acquire Derwent Systems or focus on IPO it is would be best suggested to undertake a review of the attractiveness and competitive position of the proposed acquisition. One method of doing this is through the use of the Boston
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• Customers? o There is clear demand for this product in government agencies, correctional facilities, and casinos proven by sales to date. o More generalized usage of CCTV over time due to perceived and perhaps real reduction of crime that has been experienced where CCTV is in use.
• What value do you add? o The value added service be provided would be;
 Integrated Day Night Cameras – superb performance
 Product Differentiation – a perceived distinct edge by major distributors
• Product Life o The product life expected from this service would be durable, as once the set up was established and trust built with customer they would be very unlikely to ‘try’ a competitor’s product. The security provided and reputation created by Extreme would see more at stake for the consumer and unless motivated by other means, such as additional services or major discounting, they would be reluctant to try another service.
• What is the current market structure? o The major competitors in this industry are:
 Pelco, and
 Silent Witness. o Following are features of services already provided;
 Pelco – provides similar products to Extreme, but at this time does not have the market reputation nor or they able provide a


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