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Benner Analysis Paper

This paper will discuss the functions of caring within the nursing practice, as well as my own personal views regarding caring. I will review the Benner model of Clinical Nursing and the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition in relationship to my own personal skills. I will identify my competencies within each domain of the Benner Model. I will reflect upon my own personal nursing practice in terms of my strengths and weaknesses. Also included will be a discussion of my own professional goals, areas of improvement needed within my practice and solutions for how I can improve in order to help me achieve these personal goals.
To me caring and
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I have encountered many patients and families and I have always tried to treat people like I would like to be treated. Also if my family member was in the hospital how I would want them to be treated with kindness and compassion. Since the hospital is usually a time of stress which could be big or small, if you take the time to listen and explain and explain it again sometimes, it can help put a patient or family member a little more at ease. No one wants to be rushed with a decision at times of stress. I always try to speak to my patients with a soft and non threatening voice when I'm trying to formulate a discharge plan. But there are times when you need to be more assertive with the patient and family. I'm glad when I see new nurses on the floor because hopefully they come into nursing with a fresh ideas and a positive attitude. And I noticed they smile more. The more seasoned nurse have a chance to mold a new mind in when the new nurses come into practice. I hope that the burned out nurses or just plain angry nurses will not taint the new nurses outlook on the nursing profession. Overall, I do feel I am a caring nurse and human being and I hope that I can continue with a good attitude until I retire (if ever) to treat not only my patients but people in general that I meet in everyday life with caring. To me it seems that there are a lot of angry and unhappy people in this world but sometimes just giving someone


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