Spiritual Growth

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EVAN 500
SEPTEMBER 30, 2012

Spiritual health means that we are alive and vibrant in Christ. For that, we need some disciplines to help us stay on the right track, focused on God and not on our own problems or distractions. Jesus sets an example for us of how to boost our spiritual health. He engaged in spiritual disciplines such as discipleship, worship and fasting. Both my personal and spiritual health were good but have improved.
At the beginning of the term my personal and ministry growth were limited to the perspective of the leaders I studied under. Since I have started this class my personal and ministry spiritual growth has been enriched. I have been enlightened in the
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Putman educated me on how the importance of authenticity impacts discipleship. The author points out, “Discipleship must provide a safe place to share your struggles without rejection” (136). This is true because as I witness to women about my struggles with suicide and how through fasting and praying God delivered me, the women were more open to share their same struggle without the fear of being judged.
I have learned some new concepts of evival that have developed my personal and ministry spiritual growth. One of the key concepts that I have learned that Towns and Porter reveals in The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever, were the nine faces of revival: repentance revival, evangelism revival, worship revival, deeper life revival, spiritual warfare revival, reconciliation revival, liberation revival and prayer revival. The majority of the revivals that I have attended focused only on winning souls (evangelism revival) even though this is a key factor in revival Towns and Porter points out , “When a revived church is mobilized to preach the gospel, the individual lives of both believers and the unsaved are transformed by the power of God” (14). I now understand the importance of revival first taking place in my life in order for revival to impact my ministry.

Charles Finney reveals: It would seem as if the ministers and the churches proposed to promote revivals in the hardness of their own hearts, and without


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