Fyffes Strategy

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Strategic Management- Second Assessment

Mr Paul Goodwin

20 March 2012

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The company’s overall Strategy

Fyffes follows a low cost strategy, but what does a low cost strategy mean for Fyffes?
The market size for tropical fruit is really large, bananas being the fifth most important agricultural commodity in world trade after cereals, sugar, coffee and cocoa. Six countries (India, Brazil, Ecuador, Philippines, China and Indonesia) account for 55% of total world production. Bananas and pineapples are common fruits, on average 10 kg of bananas are consumed by each of the 350 million EU citizens; therefore it is not really possible for companies
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Moreover, choosing the right talent for key strategic positions in the organizational structure of enterprises is vital so as to ensure a strong strategic implementation of their goals: make a good job of the adjustment of the Group's organizational structure; adhere to the principle of innovation on enterprise management system; establish the management mechanisms to adapt to the market environment; prominent regulatory agencies so that the staff management are competent and efficient; reducing administrative levels and dispute over trifles; create clear job responsibility goals; solve the problem of overlapping management; implementation of departmental reforms. This is not simply to streamline organizations and cut down on overstaffing, but rather to make the group business management and project management is more streamlined and efficient.

* Make a good job of the organization of production structure adjustment. Adhere to the premise of institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, and then timely adjustment of business ideas; implement to cultivate Backbone Company, Optimize the professional company and expand the strategy of the AG. Highlight solves the problem of uneven development of subsidiary. To establish the survival of


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