Bausch and Lomb Case Study

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Bausch & Lomb Case Study MAR5416

Question 1: What do you think of the way that management team handled the reorganization of the sales organization?

The reorganization was intended to merge the region’s four sales forces into one. I believe that Bausch & Lomb should have handled this reorganization with an open book policy. In the first phase of Stronger As One, Bausch & Lomb informed employees that they were making
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In the article, “Sales Territory Alignment: An overlooked Productivity Tool”, the authors list several benefits of successfully reorganizing a sales force including enhanced customer coverage, increase sales, foster fair performance evaluation and reward systems, and lower travel costs. The Stronger as One Initiative was not producing many of these benefits during Phase One and produced small portions of it in Phase Two. The article mentions that in order for the reorganization to be successful, managers and sales people must give us their existing, comfortable customer relationships and establish new ones. This really was meant for the new RBD’s that needed to broaden their knowledge to cover the other two areas. This article (Figure 5) also maps out 9 steps that should be followed to successfully reorganize a sales force. From the case, it seems that Bausch &


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