Assess Your Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Relation to Each Interaction

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M3- Assess your communication and interpersonal skills in relation to each interaction.
As part of my M3 I will write a report to review and assess my communication and interpersonal skills during each interaction within my P5 and P6. I will discuss factors such as tone of voice and non-verbal communication. I will also highlight my strengths such as my ability to make a service user feel at ease and my weaknesses such as miscommunication due to misunderstandings.
During my time at Magherafelt Day Centre I was interacting one to one with the service users and staff as well as group interaction with the service users.
When I was down at the main floor I would interact a lot with a man who had severe special needs. I found interacting
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I noticed that he did speak very slowly with a low toned voice whereas I spoke fast and loud and usually informally, this was one of my biggest weaknesses and I found it very difficult to overcome as I could not clarify any misunderstandings with the service user. “Be aware of individual differences. ‘Slow down when you speak. Allow those who don't have the same native language as you the time to interpret what you are saying. Avoid slang. Slang words are unique to individual cultures and not always interpreted correctly. To ensure effective cross-cultural communication, don't use slang words others might not know.’ - accessed 14/4/15. Although I did not communicate effectively with this man I feel this experience has taught me and helped me understand how I should be communicating with service users from different cultures.
Finally the last one to one interaction I was involved in included a man who was partially deaf and needed technology to communicate; a hearing aid. I knew this man had a hearing aid and I did not consider it a barrier. I was able to communicate with this man very well as he never became frustrated or annoyed with me due to the fact that I knew to speak clearly and slowly. ‘Speak clearly and naturally:You don’t have to shout. This


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