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1. The organisation in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders

• Identify your organisation and describe its purpose

Drugaid is a Substance misuse charity based in South East Wales. Drugaid was established 1972 in Cardiff by Rev. Peter Keward. It was then known as South Wales Action to Prevent Addiction (SWAPA). SWAPA was a Volunteer-led information and help line. The first paid Coordinator was in the mid 1980's. SWAPA changed its name to Drugaid in the early 1990's
Today Drugaid has services in Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, R.C.T. , Blaenau Gwent, Newport, Torfaen and Monmouthshire. Drugaid enjoys partnerships with a range of organisations, and is funded from a variety of sources including Local Health Boards, Community
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A capitol bid was submitted to Welsh Assembly Government for funding to cover renovation costs and equipment. The purpose was to provide a local base from which drug and alcohol services can be delivered to the residents of Torfaen. The lighthouse set out to:

o Provide a focal point for substance misuse services within Torfaen, thus increasing the numbers accessing services and public & professional’s awareness of the availability of services o Allow individuals to access treatment in a convenient location, minimising the need for client travel and thus increasing client retention and positive treatment outcomes o Increase the quality of service provision by allowing for the provision of services in a dedicated substance misuse centre rather than peripatetically o Facilitate improved multi agency working via the co-location of all substance misuse services working in the locality

This position within Drugaid provides the opportunity to raise awareness of substance misuse services within the local community; It has been achieved by forging meaningful working relationships with other partner agencies across the borough, this has resulted in more collaborative work.

The Lighthouse’s reception function is a multi agency effort which was implemented in 2010, each agency dedicates staff to cover the main duties on a fortnightly half day cover basis.


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