Application 5.1- Measuring Your Conflict Style

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Application 5.1- Measuring your Conflict Style
Person A Husband
Person B Writing team at work
1. 2/3 I avoid being “put on the spot”; I keep conflicts to myself.
2. 4/3 I use my influence to get my ideas accepted.
3. 4/4 I usually try to “split the difference” in order to resolve an issue.
4. 3/4 I generally try to satisfy the other’s needs.
5. 4/4 I try to investigate an issue to find a solution acceptable to us.
6. 3/4 I usually avoid open discussion of my differences with the other.
7. 4/2 I use my authority to make a decision in my favor.
8. 3/4 I try to find a middle course to resolve an impasse.
9. 3/4 I usually accommodate the other’s wishes.
10. 3/3 I try to integrate my ideas with the other’s to come up with a decision
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Additionally, I must think of the consequences of others and what might happen after I address my coworkers. I might have other people to answer to whereas with my husband, he is the only one I need to answer.
Question 4: What are the advantages of using different styles across the two situations?
I think the advantages of using different styles means you have the ability to alter your way of dealing with conflict based on the situation and based on who you are having the conflict with. Each situation may mean you use a different conflict style, which is apparent with my assessment however, in some cases, depending on who I have the conflict with; I will still handle it the same way. Specifically, the compromise style. I think this style is in line with how I handle most situations. In order to get anyway in life, you have to give a little to get a little. I think it is very similar to the phrase, “You get what you give”. Even though you have to give a little up in compromising, I believe both parties need to do so therefore it is easier to do when you think of it in that context. Using this conflict style gives greater advantages to each party because it lets both people accomplish goals in less time than other conflict styles such as collaboration. It reinforces a power balance that can be used to achieve temporary or expedient settlements in time-pressured situations. It can be used as a backup method for decision making when other styles fail. Further, it has the


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