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In 2007, Apple and Starbucks became partners in the venture of iTunes store. Over time, another entity entered the equation, AT&T. What does this mean to the customer, the dependability of each to provide superior services to their respective products and services? As it is seen within the IT infrastructure, each entity needs to present certain services to keep up the maintenance of the services on each level, to a point to where one, in an ideal world, for logistical reasons, communicate with each other in case of failure.

As was discussed previously, the partnership between Apple ITunes and Starbucks to develop the ITunes store, has added, in fact, a third entity, AT&T. AT&T
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If this was to be, it would be a logistical nightmare. The question would have to be asked, “What would happen if there is a failure at this level within the operations of iTunes?” “What would be the consequences of the failure, if any?”
First let’s look at if a failure were to happen on the iTunes side. Apple, of course, would have a recovery plan to bring the operation of iTunes back up as soon as possible. If this was to become a long term issue the consequences would be of great magnitude. At this point, since customers buy cards or vouchers to download songs from the iTunes store at Starbucks, this will ultimately cause revenues to fall, in a specific area. Imagine if the failure was worldwide, the consequences would be astronomical, both to Apple and Starbucks. So it might be fair to say that logistically, while Starbucks did outsource their technology to Unisys, there would have to be a joint resolution to any problem that both sides would have to solve. If a server should fail, Apple would lose money and so would Starbucks.
AT&T enters the equation for the reason that cyber café exist, Wi-Fi. This is a very important part of the partnership because one would need to access the internet to connect, listen, and/or download music from the iTunes store. AT&T allow users to access the Wi-Fi for two hours for free, thereafter the customer would have to pay for the use of the


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