Bull Riding

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Aaron Mikles

They say bull riding is the most dangerous sport on dirt. In a lot of ways they are right a lot of people are injured and even killed. In bull riding they say its not if you get hurt its when and how bad. Bull riding has been around for a long time for a few hundred years. Bull riding is an exciting and an adrenaline pumping sport because of the history of bull riding, the way you are scored, and the safety of the rider and the bull. Bull riding has a long rich history, it can be traced back all the way to the early 1800’s. Cowboys would get together and have contests in things they normally do on a ranch like roping and trying to break horses, but you didn’t have to get on the back of a
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The re ride option is where you have the chance to get on another bull to try to make a higher score or you can turn it down and keep the score you have, a lot of times cowboys will take this chance so they can try to get a more rank bull and get a higher score. In bull riding safety is a big thing for both the cowboy and the rider. There are many measures taken to ensure the safety of the rider and the bull, but like they always say in bull riding it’s not if you get hurt its when and how bad everyone gets hurt atleast once. The rider uses a helmet to protect his head and he uses the vest to he isn’t gored or ribs are not broken from getting stepped on. The vest wasn’t even invented until the early 90’s by cody lambert. He came up with the idea when one of his best friends and arguably the best bull rider to ever live Lane Frost was Killed in Cheyenne, Wyoming when he made a good ride then following the dismount the bull turned back and horned him in the ribs breaking them and one punctured his heart he was dead before he hit the ground. Now the vest is a necessity and required by most places. Some bull riders even use mouth guards and neck braces to support their neck while they ride. Bull fighters are a bull riders best friend a lot of times they save the cowboys butt, when the rider falls


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