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Product –Amazon Kindle Fire

Products are not only the physical goods that we typically think of them; they also include services – sometimes as a different product and many a times as an extension of the product itself. At the heart of every product (or service) is providing value to consumers and getting value in return from them in the form of profits. With virtually every attractive market flooded with numerous competitors, service as an extension of the product offered sometimes becomes the point of differentiation ( and some other times becomes the USP of a product (Dell computers and Southwest Airlines). This extension of the concept of a product which strives to add value to the core product benefit encompasses what we
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Currently, the device will be up-for-sale in the US, a few European countries,

The major location for sale of the devices is the website itself which saves overhead costs but limits customer reach to a certain extent. Many customers like to see, compare and play with their products to convince themselves of its value. This makes it tougher for the Kindle Fire to compete with other tablet products that have wide physical presence in the market. This can be turned to say that Amazon controls its product strategy and the message it wants to reach the public.

Kindle Fire is being portrayed as a device the whole family can share and use. The new Kindle FreeTime feature enables a parent to filter content available to kids and kids can enjoy an interface and appearance more appealing to them. Amazon, like many other tech companies, does not really appreciate the use of ‘Marketing’ terminologies internally but acknowledges the importance of the marketing tools of consumer-centric approach and a unified strategic approach to all of its products. Amazon thinks of itself as an innovative technology company and does not like to allocate too many resources to the traditional mediums of marketing – like the print or TV ads. Word of mouth is a big positive factor for Amazon’s products. Mr. Jeff bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon has himself said that they make no money on the hardware but expect to make money on the services (Razor and blades strategy). This is


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