Mgmt 591

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Johnson, Lattrice Johnson, Lattrice Mgmt 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor Ken
Mgmt 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor Ken
Course Project
Reducing Turnover Rate
Course Project
Reducing Turnover Rate

MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
How to decrease employee turnover rate?

Overview of Organization

The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is is an American international electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest Internet based company in the United States. started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified,
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Therefore, I would like to make my paper be about analyzing a change effort in the organization, finding loyal employees, and boosting employee morale. What works well? What goes wrong? What should they have done? I will research what is needed to turn a company into an employee friendly company and look at examples of other companies who have made the transformations. Through my research and writing, my plan is to create the preliminary steps and outline for to decrease employee turnover rate by finding loyal employees and a change effort from the employer.
Change Effort from Management Employees leave organizations for many reasons; oftentimes these reasons are unknown to their employers. It would be very advantageous for employers to listen to the employees’ needs and implement retention strategies to make employees feel valued and involved in order to keep them. These retention methods can have a substantial and constructive impact on an organization’s turnover rate.
Through all the research and analysis that I have conducted I have found that some of the main reasons for employees leave their jobs. 1. Employees feel the job or workplace is not what they expected. 2. There is a mismatch between the job and person. 3. There is too little coaching and feedback. 4. There are too few growth and advancement opportunities. 5. Employees feel devalued and


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