Case Study- The Amazon of Innovation

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The Amazon of Innovation
Amazon is a company we all know and love. The company is widely known for its online retail shopping, it’s popular Kindle Series with e-bookstore, along with their cloud and order fulfillment services amongst many other things. Amazon has become a great example of a perfect collaboration system and utilizing all of its information systems. With the vast history of Amazon we can begin to ask certain questions that would help understand Amazon and its continual success in innovating: How does Amazon, as a company show their ability and willingness to collaborate, experiment, perform systems and abstract thinking? These questions and more will be further explained in this case study.
Q1. In what ways does Amazon,
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Moore’s Law also facilitated this failure. EBay was simply too difficult to compete against with such low prices and high performance. However, as the four successful innovations listed earlier continued to be created, one after another, new ground was made. The performance of these innovations continued to progress and the prices lowered. Because of the successes of Amazon and even the failures, which were all proven by Moore’s Law, they were able to continue this pattern of performance enhancement, and decrease in prices, by coming up with new innovations every year since 1994.
Question #6: Suppose you work for Amazon or a company that takes innovation as seriously as Amazon does. What do you suppose is the likely reaction to an employee who says to his or her boss, “But, I don’t know how to do that!”?
I believe the boss is likely to react by telling the employee that the whole point of innovation is to try something new. They might tell the employee that they need to experiment and collaborate with others so that they learn. Sometimes it is alright not to fully understand what you are doing when you try something new. That, in fact, is the main reason for innovation: to try something that is out of the ordinary and maybe a little strange. Employees need to be able to experiment where they may believe they are not experts. If they cannot, then they cannot innovate anything, which defeats the purpose of working for


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