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Acme Mexico City Employee Assignme

Executive Summary
In effort to increase profits, Acme Home Improvement expanded operations into the international market. Acme Mexico City (AMC) opened a new store in Mexico City, Mexico and will be providing customers with all their home improvement needs. Acme Home Improvements operations analysts working with the AMC advance planners have proposed a standard day assignment schedule. The proposed schedule is complaint with Mexican law and corporate policy in scheduling part-time employees 50% of a day's total scheduled hours.
The proposal is also complaint with the advance planner’s imposition not to schedule 30 employees on the floor at any time in order to control costs and does not schedule
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Before entering the service shift (3pm-7pm), the store will experience the “down-time” period (11pm-2pm) because the professional/contract customer has finished their shopping and the “do-it-yourself” customer is still at work/pre-occupied. During the “down-time” period, full-time employees take their lunch breaks and the part-time employees are preparing the store for the “do-it-yourself” customer. Between the hours of 3pm-7pm (service shift), it’s recommended that the number of customer service employees scheduled minimally needed or higher on the floor. The service shift is when the majority of “do-it-yourself” customers shop and they need the most assistance to locate merchandise and request advice on home improvement projects.
In the proposal, the number of customer service employees scheduled between 3pm and 7pm is sufficient and effective to handle the increased customer needs and traffic impact on the sales floor (merchandise presentation and availability). At the end of the service shift, customer volume will significantly decrease and the closing shift (7pm-11pm) will began organizing and re-merchandising the store. The closing shift is commonly known as the “recovery time” because customer service employees will focus on merchandise presentation, filling shelves, re-merchandising and departmental cleaning. The closing shift has fewer customers services


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