Suggest Strategies to Minimise Effects of Challenging Behaviour in Health and Social Care Settings

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Unit 27
Assignment 3
In this assignment the author will suggest strategies to minimise effects of challenging behaviour in health and social care settings P3. The author will then discuss strategies used to minimise the effects of one type of challenging behaviour in health and social care settings M3. Finally evaluate these strategies for dealing with this one type of behaviour D1.
In health and social care settings challenging behaviour can arise daily or rarely but challenging behaviour takes many forms and is a certainty that health professionals working in the health and social care setting will experience challenging behaviour in their line of work.
When challenging behaviour is present or arises there are many strategies
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If a person is incapable of making decisions for themselves such as if they suffer from sever dementia then they will have an advocate which is usually a family or care worker from social services which will speak on behalf of that individual to help get the best care and quality of care for that individual.
Person centred planning is about working out what an individual wants, what support they require which includes peoples culture, preferences, beliefs and environment., 12:41, 29/04/2013,
Persons centred planning helps to deal with challenging behaviour in a variety of settings as it minimises people becoming challenging as they will feel much less frustrated and supported by professional which allows them to feel much more relaxed and person centred planning allows an individual to receive the support they need and so for example a service user that has had a stroke and has become paralysed down one side would put in their plan that they would like a carer to help them dress themselves daily. This helps to allow the individual to have a better quality of life and stay independent as they can still do things which means they will not lash out or get angry if they struggle to do these themselves.
This reduces challenging behaviour as people do not feel as challenged in their life and are able to access their rights, options and safety so


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