What Are the Causes of Poverty in Philippine Economy?

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What are the causes of poverty in Philippine economy?


One of the major problems that continue to plaque the Philippines is poverty. Despite the said efforts of both government and business firms many Filipinos remain in need. It is not a simple problem because now days we are facing mass poverty. For all the magnificent testimonies to man’s superior skill and intellect in producing today’s level of cultural development, he still has to find the solution to mass poverty. Whether the government would admit it or not, it is very clear even with our bare eyes that we our suffering a lot from poverty .But what is poverty anyway? Let first define poverty so we can have a clear understanding with what are we going to
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Same answers came out such as: because of graft and corruption, the way or system practice by our government officials, poor governance of the administration, lack of education, lack of investment, unemployment, underemployment, overpopulation, no cooperation among Filipinos, idleness and lack of discipline. On our face to face survey, we asked the Filipinos such question as ‘Why Philippines is drowning in poverty?’ Based on the result, out of 135 despondences,38% of it believes that corruption is the reason of poverty. 19% believe that lack of government support, 18% believe it’s because of over population. While the 16% of it said that it is because of our own fault, considering that we have bountiful resources yet we don’t know how to use it properly, it is also obvious to each one of us that we lack discipline, we don’t follow the laws in our homeland and we are contented where we are, we don’t even tried to strive for a change. 5% of it said it is because of unemployment, so the families suffer from hunger and lack of basic needs simple because they don’t have enough income. The other 3% stated that it is because of lack of education and the last 1% claim that it is because of lack of investment.
We follow up it with such question as ‘Are you experiencing lack of financial assistance or lack material things right now? Same 135 despondences, not surprisingly 107 number of despondences or 79% of


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