The Word History Transformation of Marriage - Answers

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שם הסטודנט________________________ ת"ז ___________

חומר הלימוד למטלה:
חוברת למידה-Part 1
(בקורס המתוקשב : לומדה –Part 1 )

ניתן להיעזר בטיפים שנמצאים באתר ליד הממ"ן The World Historical Transformation of Marriage

Eye-catching features
1. Check (() the eye-catching features that appear in this text. source of the text date of publication
√ title
√ subtitle or information under the title author’s name biographical information about the author
√ section headings which divide the text into different topics
√ bold or italicized letters enlarged quotes tables/graphs/charts/maps/ pictures captions bibliography/ references/further reading (2 points)

Skimming and
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what was the main purpose of marriage in the past?

The main purpose of marriage in the past is to find a way of raising capital (property &wealth), constructing political alliance, organizing the division of labor, and deciding what to claim (rights on parents or children).

b. Was this purpose basically the same for all socioeconomic classes? Check (() one: √(yes ( no

Support your answer by giving one example for each socioeconomic class. For each class write one sentence in Hebrew.

|socioeconomic class |one example for each class (in Hebrew) |
|Upper Class |Concerns in wealth & property - ex. dowry |
|Middle Class |Concerns in wealth & property - ex. bride wealth |
|Lower Class |Concerns of commoners - ex. matching mate field |

(10 points)

8. According to par. 13, in the 18th century there was "a break with thousands of years of history". a. What was the break? (Note: you need to refer to the situation before and after the "break").
Before the break: The marriage has been to consolidate wealth, transfer property, and to claim


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